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Formed in 2019, the Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild (OKRWG) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote higher standards for the written word. We seek to coordinate and encourage professional writing, specifically pertaining to writing the romance genre, romance sub-genres, and romantic subplots in Oklahoma.

OKRWG does not discriminate against any person or group of people in the administration of programs and services of this organization, including on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.


NOTE: OKRWG is NOT affiliated with Romance Writers of America, however, we do encourage you to check them out if you're interested in the Romance genre's national organization.

Our Mission


"Love is just a word until someone comes along

and gives it meaning." -Paulo Coelho

Meet The Team

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Conference VP

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RomanceLahoma              Secretary


Sabrina is an award-winning fantasy & paranormal romance author. She enjoys giving back to the Oklahoma writing community by volunteering her time. Her leadership & event organization experience includes:

2019 to present: President

Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild

2023 Co-Founder


2019 Founder

Oklahoma Romance Writes Guild

2018 President

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

2017 Conference Coordinator

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

2012 President

Oklahoma City Writers, Inc.


Collette is an award-winning fantasy, paranormal & horror romance author. She is a first generation US Citizen/daughter of a Mexican immigrant. Having worked in non-profit spaces for several years, she has experience in leadership & event coordination that includes: ​


2023 to present- Contest VP

Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild, Inc.

2023-2024 PR Director

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

2022 Secretary

Saved By Grace Dog Rescue

2016-2021 Municipal Liason

NaNoWriMo, Moore-Norman Area


Jennifer is an award-winning, best-selling historical and small-town romance author of over 30 books and collaborations. She is also a familiar face in writing organizations as an avid volunteer, coordinator, and leader.


2022 to present: Conference Vice President & Secretary

Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild

2012 to present President

Bartlesville WordWeavers

2023 Co-founder

2021 – 2023 Faculty Coordinator & Conference Consultant

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.
2016 – 2018 PR Coordinator

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.
2013 – 2015 PR Coordinator

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

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Vinita Eggers

ariel officer pic.jpg

OWFI Delegate 

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Ariel White



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Staci Mauney


Vinita writes romantic fanfiction for the Supernatural and Star Wars Fandoms. Originally from India, she now resides in the Ouchita National Forest with her two cats. Her leadership and event organization experience includes:


2019 - Present: Co-founder & Treasurer

Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild

2015 - Present: President

Green Country Ruff Riters

2015 - Present: Treasurer

Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc.

2019 - 2020 Treasurer

Oklahoma Romance Writers of America


Ariel is a voracious reader who enjoys writing. She's won awards for her poems and short stories. Currently, Ariel is trying her hand at novel writing with a young adult romantic horror story.

2020 - Present: Editor & OWFI Delegate

Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild

2018 - 2024 Editor

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc


Staci is an award-winning devotional and Christian cozy mystery author. She has worked in government and nonprofit spaces for over 20 years and ran her own freelance editing and writing company for almost a decade, specializing in grant writing and nonfiction writing and editing. Her leadership and event organization experience includes:

2023 to present: Grants/Fundraising Director Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild

2019 President

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

2018 Conference Coordinator Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.


Public Relations
Social Media Coordinator

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Amanda Shults

Sarah Bale.jpg

Public Relations

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Sarah Bale


Amanda is an avid romance reader, she’s active in many street teams and an arc reader who prefers: dark, fantasy, cowboys, paranormal, and anything that ends with a good hot scene. She’s worked in non-profit for several years & her experience includes:

2020-present: Personal Assistant

Collette Carmon, Von Draven Media, LLC

2022-present: President

Saved by Grace Dog Rescue, Inc


Sarah Bale(she/her) is a three-time USA Today Bestselling Author of sinfully good romance. Her leadership & event organization experience includes:


2023 to present: PR Director Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild, Inc.

2014 - 2021: Conference Planning Team Member

Dallas Fort Worth Writers Conference (DFWcon)

Description of Duties

The President shall preside at meetings of the organization and shall have general supervision of the officers and all organization events. The President shall prepare a meeting agenda based on notes from previous meetings and submission of topics from the membership. The President is responsible for filling staff positions and will be a signer on bank accounts.

The Conference Vice-President shall preside at meetings of the organization when the President is unable to attend. The Conference Vice-President will oversee the annual Romance Conference.

The Contest Vice-President shall preside at meetings of the organization when the President & Conference Vice-President are unable to attend. The Contest Vice-President will oversee the Heart Awards contest.

The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and account for all funds of the organization. They will oversee the annual budget for OKRWG. They will provide a Report at each regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Receipts for expenditures approved by the organization shall be submitted in writing to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and handle correspondence pertaining to the organization. They will annually verify the existence of and number of qualifying members and convey that information to OWFI and/or to the Delegate to OWFI. They will maintain the records of the organization and be responsible for giving a Report at each regularly scheduled monthly meeting. If needed, this position can be combined with another officer position.

The Public Relations Team shall maintain OKRWG social media pages and promote membership, attendance and interest in OKRWG by publicizing its activities. They'll take photo & video at all OKRWG events for use in creating social media and promotions posts. They shall perform other duties assigned to them by the president. If membership numbers decline, this position can be combined with another officer position.

The Webmaster shall oversee the upkeep and development of the official OKRWG website. If needed, this position can be combined with another officer position.

The Editor/Delegate to OWFI will work with the president to put together, Heartbeat, OKRWG's newsletter and distribute it to the membership at least twice a month. They will update group info on OWFI site with member news. They will make a faithful effort to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the OWFI Board of Directors. The Delegate to OWFI will make Reports to OWFI in a timely manner to coincide with the reporting deadlines of the OWFI "Report" magazine. These reports will consist of news given to him/her by each active member of OKRWG, concerning the member's writing activities, according to the guidelines in the OWFI Report magazine. The Delegate is responsible to be aware of those deadlines and convey them to the OKRWG membership. If needed, this position can be combined with another officer position.

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