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Agents & Editors at RomCon 2023

Pitch Session Rules

  • In order to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to pitch, ONLY ONE PRE-CONFERENCE SIGN-UP PER PERSON will be permitted. (You may sign up for additional sessions at the conference, if available.) Please watch your e-mail for confirmation that we received your request (check your junk folder).

  • Please review agent/editor criteria prior to scheduling to ensure best fit for your work.

  • Please report to the pitch room at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your session. You will not be permitted to enter a session late.

  • "No show" openings will be filled on a first-come basis just prior to session times.

  • Sessions will not be permitted to go over the allotted time. Notice will be given at 1 minute in order to wrap up pitches.

  • Pitch sessions are not guaranteed. As in the real world, editors and agents sometimes get sick, flights get delayed, and any number of other things may happen. If you registered for a time slot, and that time slot is removed because the agent/editor cannot be present (for whatever reason), then your time slot is lost, and you must re-register for a new time slot. It is important to keep an eye on the schedule for this reason.