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August 2022 Workshop: Self-Editing

Your manuscript should always go through a rigoruous self-editing process before you send it to agents, editors, or even beta readers. This will provide a more polished and professional presentation, but also a better reading experience.

In this month's workshop, OKRWG President, Sabrina A. Fish, will host a self-editing workshop that includes a checklist of things you should be editing yourself AND a few exercises to help attendees work on recognizing these issues in a text.

This workshop can be attended in person at Pioneer Library S. OKC Branch in S. OKC or via Zoom at the link below.

When: August 6, 2022

Time: 2-4:30pm (this includes a short business portion of the meeting & critique group time)

Where: In-person or Virtually

Location: Pioneer Library S. OKC

We hope to see you there.

-OKRWG Leadership Team

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