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What will be NEW at RomanceLahoma 2025?!

RomanceLahoma 2025 is just over a year away and OKRWG already has it up and ready for registrations. We'll continue to work to make it even better than last time, but for now, here's what's new for RomanceLahoma 2025 so far:

  • Last year, there was an issue with no "walking distance" lunch options for those who didn't purchase a lunch add-on ticket, so this year we want you to know there will be food trucks parked just outside the conference entrance for lunch on both Friday and Saturday. Types of food and food trucks will be shared closer to conference time. We might even bring in a coffee truck for the mornings. We're still trying to decide on that one.

  • We've added a Saturday Lunch Q&A with our keynote speaker, Sara Cate, that is OPEN TO READERS! This and the book signing immediately after are the only two events open to readers during RomanceLahoma. You must purchase a ticket for the lunch AND register for the book sale(book sale is free, but requires registration for that free ticket.)

  • The Saturday RomanceLahoma book signing is still FREE & open to the public, BUT in 2025 READERS MUST REGISTER to attend. This ensures we know who is coming and how many so we can keep everyone safe. To register, visit the RomanceLahoma event page via the button below and click on the Free Book Signing ticket.

  • Interested in advertising your brand/books at RomanceLahoma 2025? We have added 2 new sponsor packages to give you a total of 6 ways you can financially support this conference and help us make it even more fun and successful than our first one was in 2023! Go HERE to check those out. We can't do this without your support.

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