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2024 OKRWG Member Writer Retreat Registration Now Open!

Guild, registration for the 2024 OKRWG Member Only Writer Retreat is open!

When is the retreat?

Just like our RomanceLahoma conference, we have our member only writer retreats beinnally, which is to say, we have it every other year, on the first weekend in August. In 2023, we held our conference, so in 2024, we'll have our retreat, and then back to the conference in 2025. This arrangement allows our leadership a year break between the extremely intense job that organizing a conference entails.

How is the member only writer retreat different than the conference?

First, and most importantly, the writer retreat is for OKRWG members only. Second, where the conference is more of a networking and education opportunity, the retreat is a smaller, more intimate experience that is more like a giant sleepover where our focus is on actual writing. We'll stay together at an AirBnB type place, where we'll participate in some writing exercises and games, then have large blocks of writing time to work on our indivudial projects. All meals and snacks are included(menu TBA later).

What is the schedule?

(tentative, specifice times could change for everything except Heart Awards Gala)

Friday, August 1st:

4pm- arrival

6pm- dinner

Saturday, August 2nd:

8am- breakfast

10am- writing exercise

11am- game

12:30pm- lunch

1:30pm- writing exercise

2:30pm- game

3:30pm- individual writing time

7pm- Heart Awards Gala

Sunday, August 3rd:

8am- breakfast

10am- writing exercise

11am- game

12: 30pm- lunch

1:30pm- writing exercise

2:30pm- game

3:30pm- individual writing time

6:30pm- dinner

Monday, August 4th:

8am- breakfast

9am- cleanup

11am- depart

Where is the retreat located?

The retreat will take place at an AirBnB/VRBO rental in Oklahoma City.

Why is registration open so early?

We are a FREE group AND we are a nonprofit, this means we have a small budget. As such, we cannot reserve a specific AirBnB rental until we have at least 5 registrations. So please, if you can commit early, do so. The earlier we have those, the earlier we can reserve the venue. Getting that out of the way helps keep your president from stressing. LOL!

Will there be a retreat t-shirt like in the past?

Yes! The design is in the graphic! The shirt will be mint or lime green, most likely(we're still deciding for sure). Once I have the color pinned down, I'll post it on the registration page for you to purchase and then email all of you to let you know it's ready to pre-order.

Does this sound like a blast and you want to join us? Great! We have both overnight spots and day only spots. If you're local, but prefer staying in your own bed, then the day only spot is for you. However, if you want the full sleepover experience, or you're from out of town, you'll want to register for the overnight spot. You can pay just half now and the other other half later, OR you can pay the entire amount up front. You'll find tickets for both on the registration page. Just now, beds are limited and those who are friends may be asked to share a king or queen bed. We cannot guarantee private rooms, in fact, there most likely won't be any chance for private rooms if we have as much interest as we did in 2022. We usually get a rental with a few King or Queen beds that we give to those willing to share with a friend, and then everyone else ends up in full or twin beds in a shared room.

If you have questions, please email OKRWG President, Sabrina Fish:

If you're interested in registering for the retreat and are a member: GO HERE

If you're interested but aren't an OKRWG member, membership is FREE. GO HERE

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