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Welcome Romance Authors to the
"So This is Love" Virtual Book Fair!

Hello Romance Writers,

We are pleased to announce the "So This is Love" Winter Virtual Book Fair starting Monday, February 13th and ending Sunday, February 19th so we can feature YOU!

We had a great turnout to our September Book Fair with almost 400 people visiting the Virtual Book Fair page!

Once again, this is a fundraiser for our RomanceLahoma conference on August 4th-5th, 2023. We can’t wait to bring you two days of amazing speakers giving workshops on all things romance writing, marketing, and publishing, and the opportunity to speak with agents and editors. It’s going to be an amazing conference, but alas, it comes with a price tag.

Space is limited for this virtual book fair event, so books will be displayed and accepted on a first come, first serve basis per category and our staggered enrollment policy. To entice readers to scroll through our book fair and visit your social media, we’ll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. The deadline for book registration is February 10th at 11:59 pm CST.

So here’s what you get:

1.     YOUR BOOK promoted through our weeklong OKRWG Virtual Book Fair Facebook Event.

2.     YOUR BOOK featured on our OKRWG Virtual Book Fair page with a link to YOUR SALES PAGE (Amazon, Smashwords, your webpage, etc.). YOU KEEP ALL THE PROFIT.

3.     An uptick in traffic to YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA as people enter to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card.

4.     An opportunity to NETWORK with other romance writers and readers during our Facebook event.

Here’s what we ask in return:

1.     Pay $25 to fund our OKRWG RomanceLahoma:

2.     Spread the word about the event using your social media and newsletters.

        a.     We will advertise this event, but word of mouth is the best way to spread the word to multiple audiences. Though we cannot guarantee book sales, the more people who attend means a greater chance of everyone having a successful event.

3.     Participation during our OKRWG Virtual Book Fair Facebook event. The more interactions we have, the more likely Facebook will recommend our event to additional readers. Reactions are great, but comments are better.

Here’s how it works:

1.     Fill out our OKRWG Virtual Book Fair Form:

        a.     Pick your category so readers know what heat level they’re getting.

        b.     Make sure to give us a tagline to help push your books during our Facebook event. Short and sweet, folks. We are not looking for your flap copy.

        c.     Upload your book cover.

                i.     If you have a promotional graphic you’d like us to use in lieu of the book cover during our Facebook event, please upload it, but make sure it’s all ages appropriate.

        d.     List two social media accounts you’d like featured in our giveaway.

        e.     Upload your headshot.

2.     Go to PayPal and pay $25.00 to for each title. If featuring more than one pen name, you can pay once, but make sure the information for each book is listed in the memo.

        a.     Please state in memo:

                i.     Feb OKRWG Virtual Book Fair

                ii.     Your title

                iii.     Author Name

3.     Starting February 13th promote the Facebook event, gift card giveaway, and OKRWG Virtual Book fair page on your social media and newsletters.

4.     Comment, like/love/laugh, and interact with the activities during the Facebook event as much as you can. The more interactions, the more Facebook will show it to possible attendees we might have missed.

5.     HAVE FUN!

We do have a staggered enrollment policy:

OKRWG members: January 20th (join here for FREE:

Everyone: January 23rd

That’s it, so register now! If you have questions please send them to:


The OKRWG Leadership

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